Countdown to GDPR: Are You Ready?

GDPR Fact and Fiction The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) goes into effect in the European Union on May 25, 2018. If your company’s marketing and eCommerce operations reach a European audience, strict compliance with GDPR will be mandatory as of that date. The penalty for failing to comply can be a fine up to 4 percent of your global annual revenue, or up to €20 million ($24 million USD)! Bottom line, if you process personal data for the purpose of selling goods or services to European citizens in any country in the EU, then you will need to comply … Read More

Pardot Introduces Emojis For Email Campaigns and Social Posts 👍

A few hours ago, when you logged into your Pardot account or if you subscribed to Pardot’s emails, you received the news that they have added the functionality to add emojis to email subject lines and to social posts. A quick scan of your inbox might show that marketers are using these more and more. Here’s a quick peek at an inbox from one of our team members at EMS. See how many emojis we were able to spot? From Kate Spade with new designer styles to Thrive Market, an online retailer promising 30% off, to Bed, Bath and Beyond … Read More

New Pardot Features Announced With Salesforce B2BMA Integration User

As part of the 2018 Spring Release from Salesforce, Pardot announced the B2BMA Integration User. As a Salesforce admin, the new integration user has been created and visible in your org since April 2, 2018. The user has a new profile and a license. Salesforce has been enabled the integration user to support new features available from Pardot available to your org. The new B2BMA Integration User was added for all Salesforce customers that also have Pardot. The B2BMA integration user has no impact on your license usage, and doesn’t have the ability to access or update any of your … Read More

Connected Campaigns Link Your Pardot Campaigns and Salesforce Campaigns

 If you have been an administrator for Sales Cloud for any period of time and have been using the Campaign object, there is always a lot of focusing by Sales and Marketing teams to determine which marketing campaigns are effective and which are generating quality leads. Most marketing teams are leveraging marketing automation today, and if you are lucky enough to leverage the native marketing automation tool, Pardot, from Salesforce, connecting Salesforce and Pardot campaigns just became easier and much more holistic. When It’s Available With the Spring ‘18 Release from Salesforce, connecting your Salesforce Campaign object with your Pardot … Read More

Salesforce Campaign Alignment: Marketing Engagement History For Sales Cloud Campaigns (Beta)

With the Spring 2018 Salesforce release, Salesforce added a few beta features as Core Sales Features which involve the standard Sales Cloud object, Campaigns. For current Pardot users, or Sales Cloud users evaluating Pardot for email marketing and marketing automation, this beta features offers alignment between Pardot and Sales Cloud through the introduction of Engagement History. Once Salesforce Campaigns and Pardot Campaigns are connected, the Marketing Asset Performance provides insight directly on the Campaign to highlight exactly how much engagement your marketing team is generating. Engagement history data flows from Pardot to the Salesforce campaign record and associated marketing assets. … Read More

EMS Consulting Joins the Ellie Mae Pro Consulting Partner Program

New York, NY, March. 2, 2018 – EMS Consulting (EMS), a Salesforce Silver Consulting Firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida, announced today that it has joined the Ellie Mae Pro consulting partner program. By participating in the program, EMS will play as a strategic partner with Ellie Mae in providing integrated and optimized solutions to and from Salesforce, while leveraging the latest tools and technologies for customers. EMS will help lenders and Ellie Mae accelerate the delivery, deployment and adoption of Ellie Mae’s Encompass® all-in-one mortgage management solution. As a Pro Select Partner in the Ellie Mae Pro consulting partner program, EMS demonstrates … Read More

A Salesforce Commercial Services Case Study – Commerce V3

Single Data Repository and CTI Integration using Salesforce resulted in higher profit margins and increased call volume for the Commerce V3 call center Salesforce solutions span across all industries. We’ve studied the positive impact Salesforce can have on higher education with our Emory University case study, and the effect of this software on the financial service industry, like our Sowell case study. However, we realize that most businesses fit into the Commercial industry category, which is why we think it’s valuable to study what happens to a call center (Commerce V3) when we integrate just the basics of Salesforce into their process. … Read More

Colleges Now Have Access to the Academic Blueprint for Software that is Connecting Campuses Across the Country

Institutions across America can access the Academic Blueprint to build a more unified, connected campus for the betterment of student success. This Academic Blueprint is a plan built by integrating Salesforce for Higher Education solutions for higher education into different areas of a school in order to connect departments, automate administrative tasks, improve processes and increase overall student success. Schools like the University of South Florida, Emory and Rutgers (to name just a few) have embraced these software solutions and, in some instances, have seen an estimated 45% reduction in administrative tasks year over year. One of the common complaints that leads institutions … Read More

Top Two Ways the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Can Help You Regain Your Clients’ Trust in Turbulent Financial Times

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is the leading software in wealth management and protection. While this platform helps you stay on top of your clients’ assets and make wise investments, it also serves to strengthen your customer relationship, even in the midst of financial turbulence. Even the best financial advisors cannot protect every client from certain financial stresses. Sure, the stock market is vulnerable, but we have tools to analyze and predict the best next move. But what about the seemingly random events that life conjures that can cripple a client’s financial security? Fortunately, financial advisors can use Salesforce Financial Services … Read More