Why We Love Salesforce.com (and you should, too!)

There is a reason that Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud-based CRM. In fact, there are several, but let’s talk about the big five here. The top five reasons that people fall in love with Salesforce. First, simply calling Salesforce a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is quite an understatement. Obviously, it is first and foremost a CRM – designed to help you create and manage great customer experiences. With Salesforce as your CRM, your sales and marketing, and customer service teams can gather information about, and better understand every customer or client, delivering just the right message at just … Read More

Three Ways to Engage Students During the Summer Using Salesforce for Higher Education

Salesforce for Higher Education is not just a tool that connects students and faculty during the traditional school year; it also serves to engage students with your campus even during their summer break. Through the use of social media, automated email campaigns and organized events, you can keep your students excited about your college or university even when they are not on campus. Why is keeping your students engaged during the summer important? Students with a connection to their campus are more likely to succeed in their overall college career, and they are more likely to speak highly of your … Read More

A Salesforce Commercial Services Case Study – Commerce V3

Single Data Repository and CTI Integration using Salesforce resulted in higher profit margins and increased call volume for the Commerce V3 call center Salesforce solutions span across all industries. We’ve studied the positive impact Salesforce can have on higher education with our Emory University case study, and the effect of this software on the financial service industry, like our Sowell case study. However, we realize that most businesses fit into the Commercial industry category, which is why we think it’s valuable to study what happens to a call center (Commerce V3) when we integrate just the basics of Salesforce into their process. … Read More

Colleges Now Have Access to the Academic Blueprint for Software that is Connecting Campuses Across the Country

Institutions across America can access the Academic Blueprint to build a more unified, connected campus for the betterment of student success. This Academic Blueprint is a plan built by integrating Salesforce for Higher Education solutions for higher education into different areas of a school in order to connect departments, automate administrative tasks, improve processes and increase overall student success. Schools like the University of South Florida, Emory and Rutgers (to name just a few) have embraced these software solutions and, in some instances, have seen an estimated 45% reduction in administrative tasks year over year. One of the common complaints that leads institutions … Read More

Top Two Ways the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Can Help You Regain Your Clients’ Trust in Turbulent Financial Times

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is the leading software in wealth management and protection. While this platform helps you stay on top of your clients’ assets and make wise investments, it also serves to strengthen your customer relationship, even in the midst of financial turbulence. Even the best financial advisors cannot protect every client from certain financial stresses. Sure, the stock market is vulnerable, but we have tools to analyze and predict the best next move. But what about the seemingly random events that life conjures that can cripple a client’s financial security? Fortunately, financial advisors can use Salesforce Financial Services … Read More

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud – Sowell Success Story

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud provided significant success results to Sowell Management Services — one of the largest asset management companies in the country. Sowell originally met with our certified Salesforce consultants at EMS Consulting to discuss ways to streamline their internal operations and focus their efforts more on customer relations. We developed several solutions for them, all structured around the implementation of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. Take a look at some of the results Sowell has experienced with our team of Salesforce experts at EMS Consulting:  

Circles of Success 2017 – The Most Impactful Event of the Year for Business Owners in the Tampa Area

Let’s face it, every business owner would be happy with decreasing the cost of operation while increasing productivity. On May 4, 2017, you’re invited to join one of the biggest business solutions workshop in the state. Circles of Success is an opportunity for business owners in the Tampa, FL area to collaborate with Salesforce experts and learn about the innovative software solutions available to help expedite business processes. This year, EMS Consulting is hosting Circles of Success on May 4, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Tampa Westshore. The reason Salesforce is the industry-leading software solution is because it simplifies processes, … Read More

Searching for a Salesforce Consultant? Here are Three Qualities to Look For

A Salesforce consultant is a trusted advisor who can help you find the right CRM and automation solution to keep your business growing at top speed. If you’re talking to a Salesforce consultant, that means you’ve already done the research and concluded – just like more than 60,000 businesses in the United States – that Salesforce’s cloud applications offer the best solutions for improved customer relationships, increased efficiency and corporate collaboration and reduced administrative tasks. Now, it’s time to find someone who will implement Salesforce into your enterprise and train your team on how to use the software to maximize … Read More

Movement of the Connected Campus

The connected campus movement is here, and it’s pushing down barriers between professors and students, joining hands to promote interdepartmental collaboration, reaching out to connect alumni and community members to the campus, and – ultimately – moving a greater number of students toward success. Maybe the term “connected campus” makes you think of a smaller liberal arts college, but we assure you it is just as simple to link a large state university as it is a small private college. With the Salesforce for Higher Education platform, the connected campus movement is not only attainable, it’s the next step for … Read More

Thought Leadership – What It Is and How You Can Implement It into Your Business

Thought leadership is a term that has been buzzing around every industry recently. Like many buzz words, it gets mentioned in conversation without a full understanding of the definition of the word or term. While many hot topics pop up and die down relatively quickly in the professional world, the term “thought leadership” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, thought leadership is the new direction of many industry leaders, and if you want to make an impact in your field, you should fully embrace the meaning of this term. So, what does thought leadership actually mean? Thought leadership means … Read More