Financial Services Cloud offers a brand new data model with pre-built features that bring information to the fingertips of wealth managers quickly. The earlier you adopt this technology, the more influence you will have on the enhancements of this cloud over time and the faster you can gain an advantage in your industry.
Financial Services Cloud allows users to decide how individual client information is rolled-up and summarized. This gives users a lot of control over their processes, but also means they must be properly trained to utilize this powerful data.

EMS Consulting can integrate the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with core back-end systems such as asset management, portfolio management, risk and trust operations, to ensure that wealth managers can help their clients to make better, data-driven investment decisions.

Financial Services Cloud Einstein

This is a very exciting time with Salesforces Einstein capability for Financial Service Cloud (FSC). FSC provides advisors with the next generation of tools to build deeper 1-to-1 client relationships, enhancing productivity and deliver on client engagement.


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